3/8/11 Draught Beers


Bernard light lager 3.8% £3.40/pint
Bernard Pilsner 4.5% £3.50/pint
Victory Hop Devil 6.7% £3.50/half
Orchard Pig Dry Cider 4.2% £3.60/pint
Thornbridge Versa-Weisse 5% £3.90/pint
Ommegang Witte 5.1% £2/half
Matuska Golden Rocket 7% £3/half
West Hefeweizen 5.2% £3.90/pint
Blanche De Bruxelles 4.5% £2.40/half
West Unfiltered Lager 4.5% £3.70/half
Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier 5.4% £2.40/half
Weihenstephaner Vitus 7.7% £2.75/half
Jever Pils 4.9% £4.00/pint
Brewdog Hardcore 9.2% £3.00/half
Erdinger Urweisse 5.2% £2/half
Furstenburg Lager 5.3% 3.50/pint
Stone Arrogant Bastard 7.2% £3.80/half
Vedette Extra White 5% £2.25/half
Anchor Breckles Brown 6% £3.50/half

Cask Beers
Ilkley Best 4% £3.00/pint
Amber Imperial IPA 6.5% £3.70/pint
Ilkley Gold 3.9% £2.90/pint
Camden ‘Howe’ 7.4% £4.00/pint
Hewitt’s Urbane Gorilla 4.3% £3.00/pint
Bradfield Stout 4.6% £3.00/pint
Hewitts Unhung hero 5% £3.30/pint

Bar stops serving at 23:30 tonight and pizzas are available between 6-10pm

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