Tap List 11.4.16


Bernard Light Pilsner 3.7% £3.90/pint

Five Points Hook Island Red 6% £5.50/pint

Orbit Neu 4.7% £4.80/pint

Mondo Cochise 7.9% £3.10/half

Track Cotopaxi 8% £3.90 /half

Orchard Pig Reveller 4.5% £3.60/pint

Siren Liquid Mistress 5.8% £3.00/half

Black Iris Bajan Breakfast 4% £2.50/ half

Black Iris Endless Summer 4.5% £3.00/half

Mahrs Weisse 5.2% £4.90/pint

Delirium Nocturnum 8.5% £4.50/half

Mondo London Alt 4.8% £5.80/pint

Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ 7.5% £3.10/half

Kernel IPA 7% £3.20/half

Redchurch and De Molen Black & Brett 10% £4.70/half

Pressure Drop Stokey Brown 5.1% £5.60/pint

Floris Framboise 3.7% £3.10/half

Lagunitas IPA 6.2% £5.50/pint


Hawkshead Windermere Pale 3.5% £3.70/pint

Black Iris Bajan Breakfast 4% £3.60/pint

Kent Altered States 4% £3.60/pint

Gypsy Hill Beatnik 3.8% £3.60/pint

Redemption Fellowship 5.1% £3.80/pint

Harbour Amber 4% £3.60/pint

Bad Sees Cascade 5.4% £3.80/pint



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